At MPL, we have a comprehensive suite of services to help manufacturing processes run smoothly – whether you are fabricating components, or finished products to be sold directly to consumers. As the leading testing, certification, verification and Inspection Company, we understand the business of manufacturing, from process control to logistics.

Contact us, and you will find that we have services such as materials testing, product certification, metallurgy and process design, in-plant and operational support, quality control, and management systems certification. Thanks to their experience and wide-ranging skills, our experts are adept at helping you build a better, stronger, more competitive and profitable business. We can help ensure that both your products and processes comply with regulations that relate specifically to your area of manufacturing and help you to prove that you are fully compliant with legislation.

MPL has a large team of qualified inspectors and engineers capable of mobilizing internationally to provide inspection services for cranes and lifting equipment in the oil and gas, marine and shipping, petrochemical, and construction industries. We offer a full Calibration service for several types of lifting and cranes equipment .Accurate calibration records is the key to ensuring that all test equipment is accurate and that test results are not only reliable but traceable to a test standard.