supply marine :

At MARINE PETROLEUM LIFTING we are very proud of the fact that we were the most professional ever wire rope sling shop in Egypt and continue to be the largest based on stock held and number of wires manufactured.
We fabricate tailor made certified wire ropes from 4 mm to 90 mm diameter ropes our stock is based from the most highly qualified and famous wire ropes in worldwide such as
Brunton Wolf is our main supplier for wire ropes, we can also use wire ropes manufactured by Kis wire upon the customer’s request.
Our Ferrules used in swaging the wire ropes are manufactured by UNISPLICE, As This is a very important component and we insist on using UNISPLICE as there is no seam connection when pressed unlike most other ferrule manufacturers. This would be a weak point for the entire sling.
Any accessories used in the wire rope assemblies such as master links are manufactured by Crosby, VAN BEAST, Dehaan